8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019. Hello guys welcome to another fresh article today we are gonna talk about how your gonna promote your blog post instantly after finish a write a blog post. We know that if you write a post and published, it take time to rank on google on google so I will show you some of the best way to promote your blog post and get instantly rank and get more views in your recent blog post. 

We have to follow some instructions how to rank your blog post in google. And you have to find out some trick to rank your blog post in google and meet your post to the people. Coming to blogging everybody have only one reason that is making money from blogging. Some people get success and some others they fail and leave blogging. You have to understand that if you won, t patient in blogging then you will never get success in blogging. Now in 2019 blogging competition is level is high. Every home you go you will find a blogger so how you are gonna rank your blog in this competition in 2019. So we have to follow some instructions to get instant rank our blog post

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Lets See 8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

1. Post your blog post in Medium

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

Medium is one of the best service you will get much of viewers from there. You can check its rank and how much view this website get. What you need to do just create a account in medium and just copy the URL of your post and pass in the medium all off your content will automatically post on medium just as your blog post. Then at end of the post just add your website link and link that to your original blog post and write click here to get the full post. This is another great way to get a Go follow Backlinks from a high authority website. You can go to the medium website and spend some time you will understand everything. 

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2. Mix

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

Mix is anojust great website to post your blog post you check mix website rank and how much traffic this websites will get in pretty good actually. I personally use mix to post my every blog post. All you have to do there create different of collection and add your blog post there. Its very easy you will just go to add section and paste your post URL you can see your post will automatically added to the list its very easy you can also get a instant do follow link from a high authority website. Try by your self. This kind of website have millions of traffic so you need to understand to how get view from this website to rank your site. 

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3. Quara

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

Quara is another best platform you can add blog post and rank your post. Quara is one of the best website in the world where people ask questions and get answered of a particuler question. Thousand to thousand question you will find people are asking everyday. What you need to do you have to find out what is blog post about and type question you will search.

For example if your blog post is about ” Best tips about how to get more traffic to your website so you have to go to quara and wrote in search topic how to get more traffic, you will so see there are many questions asking about this topic. All you have to do is just answer the question and in the end just put your blog post link. This the way you will get more views and get a back link from there. Because quara is type of platform where day by day traffic increase and people are visiting this site every groups.

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4. Facebook Groups

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

After writing your blog post you have to post it in the various Facebook groups. You know that Facebook is one of the largest platforms people spend time all the time so you ha e get it in mind that you have search some Facebook about blogging or what is blogging niche related people spend time in Facebook so you have to find out type of groups where there are large number of audience like 20k -50k followers you have to post your blog post to there it will get your post instant views. Because not to mention that Facebook and YouTube now have largest audiences platforms. 

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5. Post on Twitter

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

Don, t forget about twitter always create a account on twitter on blog name it will be more helpful to you get you rank in search engine. Always post your blog post instantly in twitter and at least try to post in twitter about 5-6 times in a day. Because there are large number of groups they ape d there times on twitter they show something in twitter so they buy things from twitter. Always get ready a twitter account ready side by your website to post instantly in twitter. 

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6. Pin in Pinterest

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

If you don, t know that Pinterest is going to be a large platform in future so create a big space in Pinterest just add your all blog post in Pinterest and your links in the pin. When ever someone view your pin it will take your website. Add your website URL in the Pinterest profile it will make lots of visitor comes to your website. People are getting thousand of visitors from Pinterest. They only use Pinterest to get viewers it’s quite unbelievable but it’s true. Just pin your every blog post in Pinterest.

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Use free Submission

Always try to use free Submission site to post your blog post. There are many free submission sites in internet you can submit your url and it will automatically add your link to all the search engines including google, bing ,yandex and all the other free websubmit sites. You have to know that there is not only one search engine like google there are many other search engines exit that we don,t know . i will add a list of those free submission sites all you have to do is just copy your url and paste it there and submit it will automatically added all the search engines.

Best Web submission Sites

  1. freewebsubmission.com
  2. pingfarm.com
  3. pingler.com
  4. Bing Web Master Tool

Post On Linkedin

8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019

LinkedIn is another best social platforms for us if you have enough connection with people then you can post your blog post to the LinkedIn profile. Try to create a huge connection in LinkedIn. If you want to make more views then you can go to linked in groups and post your content to get more views from there. There are huge number of people they spend there time in LinkedIn for business purpose. 

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These are my 8 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 2019. Thank you so much for staying with us. If you follow these instruction you able to know everything about how to Promote Your Blog Post .

If you know any other ways let me know in the comment section. I’ll add it to the list and credit you by putting your name under it. If this Article useful to you then just Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and also Connect with us in our Facebook Page  Thank you.

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