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A Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing Strategy 2019

A Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing Strategy
Written by Rafsan Ifran

A Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing Strategy 2019. Wellcome to another fresh article today we are gonna talk about how to do Successfully Email Marketing Strategy in 2019. A Ultimate guide to email marketing definition. Email marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just have to know how to do it right. This guide covers everything from planning an email marketing strategy to growing your email list to optimizing your emails for success. If you’re brand new to email marketing (or just looking to give your campaigns a boost), this guide will help you get started and attain the results you actually want. We’ve tapped into real-world examples to give you inspiration and even asked our industry friends to share their tips for email marketing success.


A Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing 2019

When you sign up to receive email newsletters from your favorite blog or email updates from your favorite store, you’re giving that person or business permission to send you emails. And it’s the email sender’s responsibility to give you what you signed up for; whether it’s an email newsletter or a limited-time sale. As you receive those emails, you might notice that you grow more attached to the brand, engage with their content and maybe buy a product or two. When all of that happens – relationship building, customer nurturing and business growing – that’s email marketing. It’s not about sending spammy messages or buying email lists. And it’s more than simply sending commercial emails to others. Email marketing is about making real connections with people who want to hear from you. It’s about communicating with multiple people at one time (in a way that feels like a 1:1 conversation), building relationships and growing your brand as a result.

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Grow your business with email

For many small business owners, bloggers (start a blog) and entrepreneurs, managing the daily operations of a brand is a full-time, borderline 24/7 job. While you may try playing the Jack of all Trades, you’ve probably encountered a few (or many) times where it’s felt like there’s never enough time to do it all. Juggling all of those responsibilities often causes certain things to fall to the wayside, like marketing or building an audience. You’re already struggling with managing the “essential” tasks, how could you possibly add another thing to your to-do list? With email marketing, however, promoting your business and connecting with your audience becomes a whole lot easier – and that’s only a snapshot of the bigger email marketing picture. Now, you may have heard that email was declared “dead” just a few years ago. With the rise of social media, many assumed it had become irrelevant – and therefore ready to join the resting places of hasbeen marketing tactics like phone books and telemarketing.

But we were proved wrong. As creating educational content to engage and build relationships with customers became the cornerstone for every blogger and business, email evolved with it. Today, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to not only communicate with an audience, but to build your brand as well. Just look at the benefits. Email marketing delivers a return of 4,300 percent (!). Plus, it’s more cost-effective than other forms of marketing. And it frees up your time so you can get back to running your business. Best of all? Email becomes so much more than just another way to advertise your brand. It’s a way to make real connections with those who are truly interested in your business. Considering that most people prefer to communicate with brands through the inbox, email marketing is a no-brainer.

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A Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing 2019

Before you can begin collecting email subscribers or importing them into your list, you should first take some time to think about your email marketing strategy – which starts with identifying your expectations and goals.

Set goals As you think about what you hope to achieve through email marketing, it will be helpful to ask yourself:

• How do you want your emails to help your business?

• Do you want to increase sales for your product?

• Do you want to build relationships with subscribers?

• Who is the ideal subscriber for your email list? • How will it fit with your overall marketing strategy?

While these goals may change or evolve over time, it’s important to consider the purpose of your emails and set goals that are both measurable and attainable. For those just starting out with email marketing, you might want to focus your goal on growing subscribers.

In this case, your goal might look like the following: I plan to collect 500 email subscribers over the next 12 months by leveraging online and offline opportunities to attract sign ups. By including a numeric value, a due date and a general idea of how you plan on meeting that number, you’ll have a clear target to work towards. It can even provide guidance for executing tactics that’ll help you achieve your end goal. As you plan your tactics, also consider the target audience you hope to reach. For example, a fitness trainer with a focus on health and wellness might target people who are just getting started with exercising and changing their diet.

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An engaged list of subscribers is the key to email marketing success. But it’s not just about how many subscribers you have – it’s about having the right people who are interested in your brand and what you have to share with them. To help you grow your list and attract quality email subscribers, there are a few steps you need to follow. And it all begins with the sign up form.

Create a sign up form

The sign up form is where your website visitors submit their email address in order to subscribe to your list and get your emails. These forms can also allow you to obtain other information, like name, geographical location, specific interests and more. Sign up forms typically live in the header or sidebar of a website page, or as a pop up box that displays over a website. Creating a sign up form is the first step to building an email list, which also makes it one of the most important elements of your email marketing strategy. Why? Because this is the place where you must convince your website visitors that your emails are worth signing up for.

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Create engaging content

The first step to writing email content is first identifying the value you hope to bring your subscribers. As with any branded content your audience will interact with, they will wonder what they’re going to get out of it. The answer should be clear within your email content. This is crucial to creating effective emails that people not only want to sign up for, but open and engage with again and again. Remember, the more loyal subscribers are to your emails and brand, the better it will be for your business or blog. So how can you create emails that your subscribers actually want to open? Let’s take a look at the different types of emails you can send, and how you can leverage each to grow your audience and business. If having quality subscribers is one part of the equation to achieve email marketing success, then the other piece is creating valuable content. This should be the cornerstone of your email marketing strategy.

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Types of emails

In the world of email marketing, there are a few different types of emails that you can send to subscribers. Each one serves a different purpose, but all are essential to every email marketing strategy

Follow up emails

Follow ups (also known as autoresponders) are automated emails. These are messages you can create and schedule in advance so they automatically send in a sequence to those who subscribe to your email list. This means that all of your subscribers will receive your message at the times you selected, so you don’t have to manually send the same information over and over again. Follow ups can be used to welcome new subscribers (which we’ll get to more on that topic later), educate them about a specific topic, introduce your business, nurture them to become customers and more.

Broadcast emails A broadcast is a one-time email that is delivered to subscribers either immediately, or at a scheduled date and time. You can use a broadcast to share time-sensitive information with subscribers, such as:

• Newsletters

• Recent blog posts 17

• Product updates and releases

• Limited-time sales and promotions

• Upcoming events • Industry news

• Alternate ways to use your product or service

• Customer spotlight or testimonial

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The essential emails

You have the freedom to email your subscribers anything you want, whether it’s a newsletter or product update. But there are two emails that you should have set up and ready to go for your subscribers: the confirmation and welcome email.

Confirmation Email

The purpose of your confirmation message is to give your new subscribers a chance to confirm that they actually want to receive your emails. Maybe someone signed up accidentally, or they changed their mind.

Using confirmed opt-in helps you screen for quality subscribers who are more likely to engage with you in the future, and filter out those who aren’t really interested in hearing from you. Sticking with email marketing best practices, such as using confirmed opt-in for new subscribers, can have a big impact on your overall success.

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Personalize your emails

A Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing 2019

Good email marketing shouldn’t make people feel like they’re being marketed to. They want to know that you have their best interests at heart, and that should show in the content you send them. There are a few different ways to personalize your emails so they make your subscribers feel like you’re talking directly to them, and not just one of hundreds of other people. One way is to address your subscribers by their name in the subject line or the beginning of your email content.

You can also personalize your emails by sending content that’s based on their specific needs and interests. Whether you have their feedback from a survey you sent out, or they added specific information in a custom field in your sign up form, you can send them emails based on their top interests. In addition to personalizing your emails based on subscriber information, you can add a personal touch to the tone within your email content as well. Including a specific person in the signature of your emails (instead of a message from the whole company), for example, brings a human face to your brand.

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Monetize your emails

Email is a fantastic way to build relationships and trust with your audience. But if the goal of your emails is to make money, it can also help with that, too. Email is hands down the most effective channel for converting customers than any other (that includes social media and search engine marketing).


Great content is an essential part of a successful email, but it cannot stand alone without design. Consider this: visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and they have the ability to influence a person’s emotions, which then impacts their behavior. If you’re not a pro designer, the task of designing an email may seem a bit intimidating. But if you follow the basics of design or use a pre-made email template provided by your email marketing platform, sending beautiful emails can be as easy as clicking send.

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Build emails for mobile

More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Unfortunately, less than half of marketers are actually designing their emails to be mobile-friendly. And that’s a scary thought to consider when 75 percent of readers are likely to delete a message if it’s not mobile friendly.

Choose a date and time

While you can immediately send a broadcast email as soon as you’re ready, you might want to schedule your emails ahead of time. A big benefit to scheduling your emails is that you get to send emails at a time when your subscribers are more likely to open them. To determine the best day and time to send your emails, you should start by researching the average optimal send times in your specific industry. This is a great starting point, as it will help you get a sense of when audiences similar to yours are most engaging with the emails they receive.

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Earlier, you read about follow ups and how you can use them to automatically send messages to your subscribers at preselected times. But you can do more than that. You can also use email automation to create multiple autoresponder series, as well as more robust campaigns that are triggered on certain actions or tags.

Create multiple campaigns

Here’s what that might look like: Let’s say you’re a guitar teacher. You might offer two different ebooks (one for beginner’s and one for advanced musicians) as incentives to encourage people to subscribe to your email list. In a case like this one, it can be difficult to send the same content to everyone; what might be relevant to someone just getting started with guitar might be too simple for someone else who’s ready to learn new riffs.

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For many marketers, much of the focus for any specific strategy lies in the planning and execution phases. What often gets pushed to the back burner, unfortunately, is the part where you review and analyze performance to make improvements. But just as analytics are important in every other business strategy, so too is it essential to a successful email marketing strategy.


Traffic reports reveal how many subscribers are going to your website from your emails. If your goal is to increase sales, this data will show how many subscribers are going to specific pages on your website, such as your blog, homepage, product pages or order page.


You just learned a ton of awesome information about email marketing, and if you just read all of that all the way through, virtual high-fives to you because that is awesome! If you need a little time to let everything soak in, go for it. But to help you take small steps towards launching your email marketing strategy, I encourage you to choose one thing you’ve learned from this resource and implement it this week.

Whether that’s taking an hour to identify your email marketing goals, crafting your welcome message or even just choosing an email marketing platform from which to send emails, today is the day to get started. There are people out there who are ready to learn from you or enjoy your products or service – all you have to do is start building that community and give them a beacon to find you.

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