10 Steps to Become a Expert Seo Scientist in 2019

10 Steps to Become a Expert Seo Scientist in 2019

Hello Guys Welcome to another fresh article today we are gonna talk about 10 Steps to Become a Expert Seo Scientist in 2019. So, to become a top SEO scientist of 2015 you have to build good questions and get hand to best of the data available. Finally, you need to organize and analyze the data expertly in a nice and ordered way, to get proper answer to those questions. To enlighten your SEO knowledge, do visit our blog at frequent intervals.

So Lets See 10 Steps to Become a Expert Seo Scientist in 2019

10 Steps to Become a Expert Seo Scientist in 2019

Mobile search optimization:

In today’s world, 80% of the adult population has smart phones with them (source: GlobalWebIndex survey) and they usually spend about 1.85 hours on their smartphone everyday. This is 30 minutes more than that of 2012. Over 50% of traffic comes from Google is mobile for any website (Source: SEO PowerSuite). This clearly indicates the importance of optimization of websites for mobile searches. The presence of the mobile site should now be given equal preference as that of the desktop site. Moreover, mobile friendly sites generally boost up the overall site rankings a bit. So, you must learn the techniques to make a site mobile friendly and optimized for mobile searches.

Keyword Variations

Over the years SEO have been developed a lot and now SEO means something more than single keywords. Nowadays you have to understand the approach or the intent of a user behind a keyword search and add up those phrases in different ways along with the keywords. The appropriate keyword rankings will go a long way to make them get placed in the top search list. Understanding the art of keyword variations will help you immensely in becoming the top SEO scientist in 2015.

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The importance of Social Media

As already stated, you cannot ignore the presence of social media in today’s digital world. You have to learn how to maintain and grow your social media presence that can become an asset for better ranking of your website.

Think of the bigger picture

It is not always possible to evaluate every intricate detail regarding page issues and posts for perfection. It is far better to focus on tools to optimize SEO and narrow down the number of SEO goals, you can really look after to make your overall site SEO friendly.

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Get rid of complicated URL and UX

You have to use a variety of tools and work for hours to generate a good website audit. But, even after your website looks clean you must consider checking for the integrity of different links and URL’s for your site. Get rid of URL’s that lack in SEO friendly keywords and are too long. Broken links or errors such as 404 can seriously hurt your website’s rankings.

Use of long tail SEO helps

The importance of long tail SEO is still very much significant in current scenario. Most of the searches made worldwide are unique long tail searches. Thus, this clearly requires your attention and mastering the art of creating unique long tail SEO will help boost your website or blog ranks.

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Understanding Metrics

Understanding the metrics are the next important thing to master. Understand their actual meaning and their relation with different websites. You have to practice analyzing metrics for various types of websites and with time you will develop the feel for the good and bad of the websites on the basis of metrics alone.

Building Hypothesis

This is equally important and plays a key role in developing your SEO skills. Hypothesis is nothing, but questions that you will ask (such as the one asked above “Will social share help”) regarding the website metrics you are looking into and the answer will lead you to the right path.

Correlation based estimations

Let us start by finding relations between; say the social shares and results of Google search visibility. You will see that there is only 1% correlation for a given key phrase in SEMrush (a useful tool to analyze search traffics on the basis of key phrases) when page rank and search traffic are concerned. This correlation jumps to 59% when social shares are taken into consideration. Although, Google constantly denied the fact that social sharing has anything to do with their algorithm, but the statistics saying something else.

The correlation between social shares and the referring domain numbers is 70% and that between social shares and different types of links jumps to 81%. You can go by the theory that Google will rank a page higher if it trusts the website domain. So, by now you must be aware of the importance of analyzing different correlations to understand the ranking of a webpage.

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Linkability of website

It is assumed that the ranking of a web page depends highly on linkability of the webpage and the social shares can very much give an indication of website’s linkebility. So, you must build content that can produce a lot of links and get a more social share.

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