Fiverr Complete Ebook Step by Step Guide How to Start in 2019

Fiverr Complete Ebook Step by Step Guide How to Start in 2019

Download Complete Ebook How to start Earning from fiverr step by step Guide

This eBook was 100% #MadeOn Fiverr by content writer and designer :


Brand consistency is critical for every business, regardless of size, customer, or location. The power and professionalism of your social media presence, website, and design elements are essential in building a loyal customer base.

Proper branding can have a huge impact on your goals:

• Companies with strong, consistent branding see a 23% increase in average revenue.

1 • Businesses with consistent branding are 3 to 4 times more likely to have strong brand visibility.

2 • 64% of consumers purchase products after watching a branded social media video.

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Branding in Web & Mobile Design

Ensure your chosen elements are prominently featured on your website. Your site is ground zero for purchases, and it’s the place your customers will visit to learn more about what you do or sell. These elements let them know they’ve arrived at the right place. Our Web & Mobile Design experts can help you effortlessly integrate your new designs:


In addition to establishing your branding basics for 2019, there are a few emerging trends to be mindful of: Bold Color – Brand designs are taking a page from cartoon animation with bright, bold colors that are super saturated and grab attention wherever they’re seen.6 Motion Design – Animation is captivating on its own, but many brands are using it with purpose, either to reveal deeper meanings, entertain, or educate customers about products and services.7 Asymmetry – Misplaced letters and scrambled sentences force the viewer to stop and ponder what they’re reading. This is a powerful way to make a lasting impression.8 Gradients – They aren’t exactly new, but gradients are still eye-catching, and they’re making a big comeback this year.

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Learn how to Stay Relavent

Business success in the digital age isn’t just about a great service or product – it’s about engaging existing and potential customers in ways that inspire them, fit into their lifestyle, and capture their attention on the platforms they’re already using. To do this, you need to constantly refresh your content, advertise using short, engaging videos, and ensure your website and app have seamless UI and UX.


Modern customers have short attention spans and high expectations. They want to hear from you often, but they don’t want your content to take up too much time.

• To combat the demand, 55% of marketers say blog creation is their number one priority.

• 55% of visitors spend 15 seconds or less reading blog content, so make sure every post is fresh, relevant, and scrollable.11

• Small businesses with active blogs see 126% more lead growth than competitors who don’t.

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To sustain your progress and continue growing your business, you need to expand your reach. There are several ways to advertise your business, but the following three are the most effective in the digital age: social media marketing; search engine marketing (SEM); and search engine optimization (SEO) .


Social media remains one of the most dynamic and cost-effective ways to reach your target customer.

• Social media platforms are an essential part of your customers’ lives: 1.37 billion people actively use Facebook every day. 51% of Instagram users access the app daily, and 35% use it multiple times in a given day.

• Social media drives traffic – Pinterest drives 25% of all retail website referral traffic.

• 30% of consumers will only buy from a brand if it has a social media presence.

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Download Complete Ebook How to start and Work Step by Step

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