How to Get more Subscriber on YouTube Complete Guide 2020
How to Get more Subscriber on YouTube Complete Guide 2019

How to Get more Subscriber on YouTube Complete Guide 2020

How to get more subscriber on YouTube Complete Guide 2020. Welcome to another article today we are gonna talk about how to get more subscribers on YouTube. Nowadays everybody trying to rank there YouTube channels to earn more money.

We know better now that you can earn much more from YouTube if you have more subscribers and views. I have already created a post where you can learn how to rank your video in YouTube check that post you will know Much more from that post.

Fact About Youtube

People making more and more videos but there some huge type of groups who never gets many views. Because of, Once an engineer of YouTube once said that all over of the view of YouTube the entire views come from only 30% of videos according to all videos right now on YouTube and other 70% of videos have no one  to watch them, this is the main reason why you have to struggle to much if you want rank on YouTube.

You won,t believe guys as I know and I hear from internet that if you want to watch all of the videos of youtube one by one then it will take you more than 6500 years to complete watch all videos on youtube.  Surprising but its true fact of YouTube. Because day day people coming to YouTube create there own space so competition level is too high. 
So you have to concentrate some Serious point if you want more subscribers on Youtube. 

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Here are some Basic tips about How to Get more Subscriber on YouTube

Title is important

 If you are uploading a video you make sure that what is about your video is on the title. Its very important that title has very unique that people can click the video and watch till the end. Also make sure that your title should something that a keyword is in your title so it will be very helpful go rank your videos. Putting a keyword in your tilted is more helpful to get more subscribers in your channel. 

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Design your Channel

Design your channel with a particular niche that people with engage with you. Example you are very good with graphic design and your all videos with graphic design related then people will subscribe to you to know more about graphic design.  This is very good techniques to get more subscribe to your channel. You have to design your your thumbnail with something about what you do. 

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Regular Upload video

If you really consider to start YouTube seriously then you have to serious about it that you have to upload video on regular basis you ve to set a timing to upload your videos. Like 1 video a week or you upload only Sunday at this time people will follow you and they want to connect with you. When people realize that you are uploading regular basis they will defenately connect with you. I am saying this cos I ve done this something so this will help you to get more subscribers. 

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 Vloging is another great way to increase your subscriber. When people see your faces and they will know what you do what you are trying to teach them they will more interact with you. Most of the people they hide there faces and do video record what they do,  they don’t, t come out but that’s okkey,  everybody have there own choose to there things but if you see your face in front of camera then you will become famous  to people and also people will know about you and you will get more subscriber fast. Guys you won, t believe this is work, recording videos is good but when you are in front of camera it will take you to fast to grow your subscriber. 

Try to Engage with people

If your are uploading regular basis video and your vlogging also then you have to engage with people like example please tell me what you want to show in the next video please comment below or I will upload a new video about this topic soon people connect with me these are simple tricks you take to engage more people this 100% work all the way.  You have to share your knowledge but you have to ask for people that what they want to hear from you. 

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Try to share new things on new Topic and Facts

If you are really thinking to do youtube for long term basis then you have to share something new on new topics and share more facts. Facts about anything you know that you help you to connect with people. Facts are so interesting so hear so you can try this to get more people connect with your channels. 
Suppose I am telling you a fact about YouTube that if you want to watch all of the videos of youtube all of the video one by one then it will take you more than 6500 years? to complete watch all videos on youtube. Surprising but its true fact of YouTube. Look this is a interesting fact to hear. People like this kind of fact if they here from you then you will get more people to connect with your channel. 

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Use Trending Topic

Try t use a topic what is treading right now. You can use Google News to know more about what is treading right now. Trending topic people are more wiling to know about what is happening right now what to do now and what will be the answers. Using treading topic will help you to connect more subscribers coz you have to believe this about human mind that they always want something to new and new. 

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Use Attractive Thumbnail

 Try to use attractive thumbnail. This is very important because people will first see your thumbnail then they will come to your video or your channel. Always use something that’s is related to your videos. Because what they want to see in your video that they want something attractive to your thumbnail.This is very important to design a  cool thumbnail for your videos. 


Use of Social Media

Share your videos to the social media to connect more people to your channel. Its more fast way to connect people. We all knows social media nowadays getting more n more people so use these media to get more people to connect  with your channel. Try to create profile at Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and Pinterest thats all these are best for social media marketing to get engage to your channel.

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Try to Make Clean videos

You video mute clean and HD this will help you make a brand of your self.This basic things help you to grow your subscriber. You can use various software life Camtasiawondershare, Adobe Premium pro, these are best video editing software 2019. Video editing must be use some Technic to tell people please subscribe to your channel mention your Facebook Instagram links under the video to connect more people. 

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Blogging another way to boost your channel ranking. If you have a blog ( learn how to create a blog) then you can share your video in your blog and this help you many ways your blog will get more engage also as they get to your channel. You can also earning from your blog as well as from youtube. You won, t believe how blogging will help you gain more subscribers on youtube. 

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Share your links in Description

 Share all your links in the description mainly you social media links to help you to find people in the social media. Always try to share all the links to your video description people will always to check description to know more info about you. 

Use intro outro and music.

This is interesting to isle intro and outro to your video you already watch how people use amazing intro and outro into there videos this make your videos more interesting. Using royalty free music will help you to wait more time to your videos listening music is always makes your video ordinary. 

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Create Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page about your Youtube Channel that’s keeps your audiences up to date about your channel sharing your videos daily with your friends and family will get you more subscribers. Now Facebook is one of the largest social media sites so you have active on Facebook to run your youtube Channel. 

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 How to Get more Subscriber on YouTube Complete Guide 2020. So these are basic tips how to get more subscriber to your youtube channel. If you know another ways to get more please add it in the comment section I will try to put it on the list hope you enjoy reading this article. 
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