How to Grow Your Followers on Twitter Complete guide 2019

How to Grow Your Followers on Twitter Complete guide 2019

How to Grow Your Twitter Followers Complete Guide 2019. Hello guys welcome to another fresh article today we are gonna talk about How to Grow Your Twitter Followers. In 2007, Twitter began and was considered by many to be a flash-inthe-pan social media outlet. But now the platform is a virtual watercooler where the world’s news breaks and people gather to discuss industry news, politics, pop culture, and their daily musings. As of March 2019, there are 330 million monthly active users.14 Additionally, this social giant has proven it’s a critical part of any marketing mix.

Twitter has become an optimal network for thought leadership growth and development and has become a space where both corporate and personal brands can develop ongoing relationships with followers. Twitter also serves as a popular platform for customers to air their customer service complaints.

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60% of Twitter users purchased from a business because of something they saw on Twitter

Grow your following Building your following on Twitter is key to driving awareness and engagement success on the network. There are a variety of techniques marketers can use to build their following—let’s explore four key ways:

1. Create engaging tweets:

Because Twitter is so fastpaced, it’s important that you post regularly. Without regular posts, your tweets will quickly get pushed down your followers’ streams. Think about creating a mix of content that ranges from entertaining to educational to promotional. A good rule of thumb to use when creating your content mix is the 4-1-1 rule.

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2. Use Twitter lists:

Twitter lists are a simple way to accomplish two important things: strategically listening and curating content for your users. Curated content often comes in the form of a retweet and is a good way to ensure that your content mix is not purely self-promotional. To make curating content easier, develop a Twitter list. Lists are a way to segment a group of accounts that regularly feature interesting content.

Segmenting these accounts into a list makes finding content to retweet quicker and easier. It’s important to note that some lists are private and some are public. You might want to make a private list of influencers for your brand to follow and retweet and a public list of brand partners or thought leaders within your industry

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3. Craft your tweets:

There are a few important tips for making your tweets more searchable, shareable, and readable.

Keep your tweets concise

Hitting the maximum character count of 280 happens, but try to keep your tweet to around 100 characters.15 You can use a URL shortener like Bitly and built-in tools on social media management platforms

Use #hashtags

These symbols have become synonymous with Twitter and are used to tag tweets by topic, making it easier for users to find your tweet. Marketers can develop hashtags and use them to help promote and track social campaigns.

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Use @mentions

Mentions are a way for you to engage with other Twitter users. Mentioning people will call their attention to your tweet, but avoid using mentions excessively because it can feel spammy.

4. Host Twitter chats:

A Twitter chat is a public conversation based around a unique hashtag. The hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and easily participate. Most Twitter chats are usually recurring and focus on specific topics, but some are centered on special events. Hosting a Twitter chat is a way to engage with your audience and followers in real time.

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Some Tips and Tricks You Should Follow

• Create a Twitter list for your employees, competitors, influencers, and top followers.

• Keep your tweets short and sweet. Research from Buddy Media shows that tweets containing less than 100 characters receive 17% higher engagement than longer ones.16 • Generate hashtags for events, product announcements, and other campaigns that need a big promotional push, and understand the popular hashtags that apply to your business, product, or service. According to research from Buddy Media, tweets with hashtags receive twice as much engagement than those without. But use them sparingly, since tweets with more than two hashtags showed a 17% drop in engagement.17

• Engage regularly with industry leaders by interacting with their posts and sharing them with your network.

• Include relevant links. Tweets with links are 86% more likely to be retweeted, according to research.18

• Twitter handles and media attachments don’t count toward the word count anymore but use this extra space cautiously. You don’t want to overwhelm users with too much text.

• Add stickers to your tweets to make them more fun and engaging. Stickers are searchable and function as a visual hashtag.

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