6 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Speed 2019

6 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Speed 2019

6 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Speed 2019. Hello guys welcome to fresh article today I will describe you about most important for you that how you will improve your website speed. Its very important for you to know that recently google updated there new rules about website that how to rank on your site on Google. So the updates is if your site loading time take more than 3 second then it not a good condition for your site to rank. 

In a research its found that more 80% of people in the world uses there smart phone to get into internet and people and if people find your site in google or social media and if they click on your site and if its take more than 3-4 sec to load then they will go back and they don, t want to go your site again. 

So load time is so much important to get rank in 2019. So today I will describe you some main points and some useful plugins to get fast your site speed. I personally implement this method and it worked perfectly. I am only here to help you guys all the way I can do just subscribe to my website and I will bring you new updates one by one. 

So let’s get started and to know 6 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Speed 2019

1. Use Images Under 100kb

Always to use your images under 100kb. This is very important guys if you use your images more that 100kb than it will your slow you our website loading time. Nowadays people have high resolution smart phones and they use there images direct to your website never do that. Always try to use softwares to reduce image size llike Adobe photoshop is best way to reduce image size. And if you don, t have know the use of this software then you can easily just go to tinypng.com  the best place to reduce your images to small kb size try one I always use this site to get reduce my images. 

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2. Use best WordPress Plugins

There are are many plugins you will find foe WordPress website but there are some certain plugins are very useful for your WordPress website load can be more fast. those plugins are

  1. W3 total Cache : W3 Total Cache is best of the best to fast your loading speed you can search about it in google the response rate is good so do not hesitet just install this plugin and and you can see the result how it will help your loading speed. 
  2. Smush Image Compressed : Another best image Compressed plugins for you. It is one qof the best image Compressed plugins for you if your site use much of images then try to install this on your WordPress website. As a free user you only able to compress 50 images but if you use pro version then you can smush all the images of your site. Just go to YouTube and search how to use pro for free you will get much more videos how use pro version for free. You have to install this if you worried about your site loading speed. 
  3. Wp Super Cache : Wp Super Cache is another best option for you. Not All Cache plugins are best for you. These are some of best plugins you will see million of installation and 5 star rate. This is best plugins for reduce your loading speed also your site cache cleaner. Try to install this plugins which will be best for your website. 

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3. Don, t Use Unusual Plugins

We always install some unusual plugins that can heavy your website. Just use some of the most important plugins must use plugins that’s all if you have many plugins just uninstall them it will help you to Improve Your Website Speed. Too much plugins will not good for your website i recently done that changes and i find a better result after i uninstall the unusual wordpress plugins. Just use some of the best wordpress plugins which have 5 star rating and millions of installation.And also research about plugins which plugins will be better option for you.

4. Use Better hosting Server

 This is very important that your hosting server is better not a cheap hosting server. There are many hosting server you can find in internet they provide cheap hosting don, t take hosting from them. Always use best hosting server like Bluehost, Site ground, Hostgator these are moat trusted hosting server use one of them. 

5. Use a Responsive theme

Far most important thing always try to install a Responsive wordpress theme I have already create many article about best responsive WordPress themes for wordpress check that article you get much info from there. Choosing a simple responsive mobile friendly theme will best option for you to get fast load of your website and increase your site loading speed. There are many themes but I suggest to choose WordPress themes

  1. OceanWp
  2. Generate press
  3. Sydney 
  4. Astra

these are the free theme and mobile responsive wordpress website. These all will be best option for you to get started as engineer. 

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6. Check your site speed Regularly

 Always try to check your website load speed you can go to gtmatrix.com one of the best site to check your site speed. Or you can go to google insight speed to also get your speed info. In my opinion check you site loading speed in gtmatrix.com it will help you to find all the foult that make your site slow and you can check each one of problem and solve them. 

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These are my 6 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Speed 2019. Thank you so much for staying with us. If you follow this instruction you able to know everything about how to improve Your Website Speed .

If you know any other ways to know seo let me know in the comment section. I’ll add it to the list and credit you by putting your name under it. If this Article useful to you then just Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and also Connect with us in our Facebook Page  Thank you.

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