How to Lose Weight Fast 10 best tips you should follow
How to Lose Weight Fast 10 best tips you should follow

How to Lose Weight Fast 10 best tips you should follow

In these days everyone wants to look slim and beautiful, so attract more people towards them. So that People wants to know how to lose weight fast to look cool.No one wants to look fat or ugly,everyone wants to look cool and fit. So people trying to lose there weight in many ways. Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast so they can recover from there weight.

People use more techniques to lose weight, some people exercise everyday, someone, eat vegetables and much more way you can lose weight and look cool and healthy.

In some point we will see that daily basis exercise is a good point to lose weight. however exercise is good for health but you need to some basic points which is good for your health.

Here are top 10 best tips how to Lose weight fast. You should follow these steps to lose weight and be fit and healthy.

1.Jogging Every Day

At the first time you should wake up in the morning and Jogging as long as you can go.Daily basis jogging is good for your health. It will reduce the fatness from your health.As long you will practice to wake up in the morning and jogging 30 min or 1 hour it will good for you health and you will lose weight fast than you thought.


You have to exercise everyday to maintain the routine of how to lose weight fast. Everyday after jogging, you need to exercise at least 30 min or 40 min. some of the exercise that can help you to reduce your fat and weight. So exercise everyday it will lose your weight and you will fit and healthy.

3. Get rid of junk food

You should get rid from all the junk foods that cause fatness and harm for your health,day by day eating junk foods it will make you more fat than you thought. Stay away from these types of foods. try to eat vegetables and juice it will more help to lose weight fast.

4.Eat two times get rid of Dinner.

Yo should eat at least 2 times rather that 3 time a day. its very important that if you can get rid of dinner than its better but not necessary, only if you can. We usually do breakfast and lunch if we can get rid of dinner it probably good because night food it will effect our body cause we usually go to bed after dinner so that is the main reason for our fatness.

5. Drinking Water

Drinking water is much more important to for this course cause water is liquid form that our body as much as we can drink it. its clear our cells and strong our muscles. Try to drink at least 4-5 liter water for your good health.

6. Vegetables & juice

Try to eat Vegetables and juice everyday rater than junk food.Vegetables are more vitamin and calcium that will strong your body and for look good. Try to drink Juice every time rather than cold drinks. if you can get rid of cold drinks cause cold have much more fat and soda that harm for your health.Try to drink juice of various vegetable juice will more helpful.

7. Fruits

If you want to lose weight fast you have o eat fruits as much as you can cause fruits make health more stronger than we thought. There is no fat in any fruits cause its directly comes from the plants that why its much more healthy for our body.Its also clear and fresh your skin so that you will look good and fit.

8. Maintain A Time table

Try to maintain a time table so it will more easy for you to maintain everything. Maintaining your exercise time eating time so that everything will grow up step by step which will help you to do things more clearly. Time is what that we don,t have much in our life so try to fix a time a time table for you daily routine basis.

9. Try to Gym (If Possible)

If you can Gym everyday that will much more helpful to you lose weight for you. Nowadays everybody go to gym to be fit and healthy because everyday basis gym will keep you body strong and fit. Doing every time same exercise that will effect your body to be strong and healthy.

10. Walk Everyday

If you walk everyday after lunch or dinner it will more helpful cause every time after eating something we usually take rest or go to bed that is more danger for our health. Walking after eating some food it will not effect to get fat in our body. try to walk everyday at least 1-2 hour which will help you to lose weight fast.

These my best 10 tips to how to lose weight fast for your health. if you follow these steps it can help you at least live a good and healthy life for your future.

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