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How to Rank Videos on YouTube Fast 2019

How to Rank Videos on YouTube Fast 2019
Written by Rafsan Ifran

How to Rank Videos on Youtube Fast 2019. Hello Guys tiday we are gonna talk about very interesting fact about Youtube that How to Rank Videos on Youtube Fast. Nowadays People are doing very good with youtube and earning huge from youtube. In 2019 when competition is very high people doing very well with Blogging ( Read how to create a Blog) or youtube or Affiliate Marketing if you research more then you will find that earning from blogging or Youtube its too much people are motivated from more and more. So today we gonna talk about how to rank youtube videos fast. Because if your videos rank fast then you will earn more than you thought.

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How to Rank Videos on YouTube Fast 2019

Why Videos is Owsum

Nowadays People are more interacting with videos more than reading blog post because if you check to recent strategy that at least 85% of people in the world they are watching videos all day long rather than reading something from internet. Videos are worth watching because if you want to learn something people at first search in the youtube that how to do this.Learning something to watching is much more fast rather than reading. Now Youtube platform is the second highest domain authority after google. People are spending all day long with youtube. There are learning something from youtube or they are watching something funny or listening song they spend whole day to watch movies.

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Now We are gonna talk about some major fact that how you are gonna Rank Fast on Youtube

1. Title is important

Title is very important If you are uploading a video then you have to understand that title is more important.You have to put something that is attacking to the people and to understand what people need to see in your videos. So they can click the video instantly. You have to put something different that much better than other videos.So Remember title is important if you want to rank your videos.And remember try find a appropriate kewword and that kewword appears in your video title it is much more important to rank your videos.

2. Kewword Research

You have to do keyword research before you create a video. kewword is more than more important to rank your videos because day by day thousand to thousand videos ranking in YouTube the competition level is so high in this 2019 time you have find appropriate keyword so your videos can rank in the search engine. So try to do research to find right keyword to rank your videos.

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3. Find Tags

Tags are more important to rank a video on YouTube.Your tags will be same as your tile or what your videos all about. Don,t put others tags that is not about your videos try put the same tags that is in your title about. You have to do kewword research to find appropriate tags to use in your videos.

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4. Give videos in the Endscreen

There is a option you can show your others videos at the end of your videos. It might engage your audiences take some more time to your channel. Its also good for your channel that you can bind your regular audiences to your channel always.Try to do at least two of your videos in the end time. You don,t believe how this is important not for your channel but also for your channel. People will watch 3-4 a a time. So this much more useful to keep people to your channel.

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5. Give Attractive Thumbnail

There are only two things a viewer sees before deciding to click on your video: The video title and the thumbnail. Try to give attractive thumbnail to your YouTube videos. You can,t even image how more views you can get from it.Try to design a thumbnail which is about your videos don,t put something is not related to your videos.This will help to make a trust with people and people will know what you are trying to do.So this very much important.Thumbnail is very much important if you want to rank fast.

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6. Encourage subscriptions

Managing a YouTube channel that barely has subscribers and viewers is as good as talking to a wall. Don’t stop at just uploading a video, make it work for you by reaching your target audience and encouraging them to engage with your channel and subscribe to it.

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7. Create Playlists

Playlists are an amazing way to increase the overall watch time of your channel because they play automatically. So instead of watching just one of your videos, a viewer might watch five or six!

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8: Video Description

First and foremost, add a link to your website. When I perform digital marketing audits I can’t tell you how many of my clients neglect to link to their website or landing page. While video views are great, YouTube is a merely a means to something larger.

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9. Better User Engagement

YouTube videos that have closed captions are proven to increase user engagement, earning more likes, shares, and comments than videos without captions. Higher engagement, in turn, boosts video search rank.Building a strong subscriber base increases your chances of being ranked highly on YouTube because it goes to show that you have an engaged community which is a huge plus point.

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10: Build Links and Embed

If you follow tips 1 – 7 your video will get indexed in Google within a matter of minutes. If you want to rank for competitive keyword searches (i.e. ‘Miami SEO company’) then you will have to build links to your video URL and embed the HTML on other websites. Link building is a tricky endeavor and it’s a double edged sword.

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11. Be consistent

To improve your rankings and build an engaged community, you must be consistent with uploads. You need to be committed to churning out unique and relevant video content and stay at the top of your game because that is the only way you can improve engagement which in turn boosts search rankings.

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12. Share in Social Media Platform

Now Social media platform is a massive way to get unlimited traffic. If you upload a video then you have to share it social media becouse this another way to get real traffic right to your videos. Now a days facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest doing very well to get traffic from this social platform. Use these platform to rank your videos fast.

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YouTube is a powerful platform when utilizing properly. If you want to know How to Rank Videos on YouTube Fast 2019 then you have to learn Video marketing. Video Marketing is still in its infancy and will continue to become more important as we progress. Getting your content in front of the right people at the right time is essential for success. Follow the steps laid out above and your videos will start ranking in both YouTube and Google search engines.

Well these are my best tips on How to Rank Videos on YouTube Fast 2019

. If you know any other ways to rank,let me know in the comment section. I’ll add it to the list and credit you by putting your name under it.

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