How to Start a Blog- Beginner,s Guide 2019

How to Start a Blog- Beginner,s Guide 2019

If you want to start a blog, Wonderful idea

But how you will started at all. There are bunch of information out there in the internet that everyone telling thousand ways that how to start a blog in different ways. how you will start in easy way which will more comfortable for you. i had face this problem at the first time too don,t get nervous i will tell you step by step that how you will start your blog and continue with it for a long time.

I started blogging since 2016 in that time i really don,t know how to blogging, but now i doing good with it now i got more that 200,000 unique visitor in blogger site. Now i believe that there is a way you can share your personal thinking to the people and join the great Blogging Platform.

So lets get Started that how you will start a blog, it will be simple and basic method for you so just stay with us.

Why you should Start a blog and join the Great blogging Community

i will let you know first that why you should start a blog and how you will get started up your own personal blog from any topic of your own.We need see some basic things we need to get start a blog

  1. Nowadays Blogging has become more popular communication ways to whole over the world, every second news & information spreading here to there. there are million of million of blogger in todays day there are trying to share there own thought to the people and earning money from their blog.
  2. A Wonderful way to show your self share your own thought or information to the people
  3. You will be good content writer and you will feel good that people watching your thought they will share opinion to your thought.
  4. Which is more wonderful that is you can make money from your blog. Which is great.

Now a days you won,t believe how people are earning from blogging,i will shortly share you some stories about how people are success full from there blog.

Creating a simple blog will make you happy,spending 1-2 hour just to writing up your own thought to the people. In any topic you will start your blog.

So Lets get started that that you need to know the main steps to start a blog.

You have to know these steps to start it . It take less than 30 min or more but you will not be bore because you are starting something you will like day after tomorrow.

  1. Chose a great blogging Platform.
  2. Chose a hosting for your blog
  3. Set up a domain to your blog
  4. then start design your blog like your own way.
  5. Start writing useful content to your blog and share your opinion.

However choosing a tight platform fro you blog it’s much more important. You can go-to which is much more good because it is blog publishing tool from Google you can create and manage  your own blog with blogger.

You can also chose WordPress, 96% of users whole over the world it’s much more flexible to use it’s a self hosted WordPress. It’s a free to use, you can setup  manually and customize it. You can select WordPress to run your first blog.You ve to know that wordpress is free.Its free because you very host it by your self.

So now you need a domain name. It’s a website address on the invoice like or

Web hosting is where your site will host from or it’s alive like it’s your site house.

When you are up to buy a domain it will take may $12/ year and a web hosting may take $6.99/ month. There are thousands of bloggers who are started with these option.

Lots of thanks to it’s an official WordPress hosting provider also it provide a free domain service and you will get up to 70% discount from us.

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Bluehost is one of the  best web hosting service,it’s started in 1996 before Google and also largest brand company which also comes to WordPress because they have million website include there own site.

Note if you sign up bluehost from our referral link then onlinecourse4u will get little.

Commission at no extra cost to you. You will save money and also get a free domain.

So let’s go and buy a domain and get web hosting from

Step 2 Install WordPress

When you get into to your cpanel,you will see many of small icons from different service you can ignore them and continue to scrolling down and click install WordPress.

After than yo you will asked to add your site and click next.

Then fill the all information like username, password,click all the checkbox and Click install.

Then it will automatically install wordpress. You don’t,t need to do anything we will show you how to add free WordPress theme into it.

Wonderful you have created your first blog with WordPress.

Your url will look like

Click the login and go to dashboard.

Step 3 Installing WordPress theme

You very to select a wordpress theme to you blog to like better of your site

There are thousands of premade WordPress theme for free,you can also buy premium then from

Change your theme by going your dashboard and then Appearance, and then Themes

Next click Add New

Then you will see thousand of free WordPress themes that are available in you can get latest,popular and featured themes.

The best way to select a wordpress theme is to select a simple design.It will be simply and clean when you are wondering to good experience to you r users.

When you find you perfect theme then just get your mouse to it and show it’s preview that how it’s looks then if you like it then just click install and Activate the theme.

When you installed your theme,you can customize it in the Appearance Menu.

Okkey so we have the theme then you can create your first blog post.


Step 4 create your first blog post

To create your first blog post then go to the post section and click Add New.

5. Customization & Plugins

When you create your first blog post you have to need some plugin to install it’s essentially need for your WordPress.

To add these  WordPress just go to Plugins under the Appearance and click Add New.

WordPress plugin like app to your website.

There are more than 50000 available plugin of WordPress. you will every single type of plugin which you can manual setting everything in your website.

How to setup Google Analytics tracking

Google Analytics will help you how many people visiting your website and from where there are coming. It’s best to install Google Analytics website then just sign in with Gmail account.then sign up for you Google Analytics account.


Optimize your blog for Seo

Seo or Search engine optimization always help to find your site from the search engines.when you need more traffic then it’s must that you have optimize your blog for Seo

First you need to install and Activate Yoast Seo Plugin. Best plugin for WordPress that will optimize your blog.


Install the Plugin Yoast Seo

Step 6 Making Money from your Blog


It’s wonderful when you know that you will earn from your blog. You won,t believe how much people earning from there blog.When you are willing to work hard you will also get reward from it.

Some of the best way to earn money from your blog

Must Read 25 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

1 Google AdSense

You can run ads from Google AdSense to your blog post with monitization. It’s the best advertising platform for bloggers and also for publishers.

2. Affiliate Marketing

People are earning with to methods either AdSense to show ads in there blog post or affiliate marketing. It’s the most common use of monitization to bloggers. What you need to do is you show some populer products to the people when people buy that product from your site then they will get a commission from the product or you get a referral commission form it.


3 Online Store

People also earning selling things from there blog. it can be physicall product or internet things. It will be ebooks, music or artworks.

That’s not t all. You can use your site for product reviews fashion blogging, product reviews, food blogging, or fitness blogging all of these main part that you can success to earn money from your website.

We hope it will help you start a blog right from the start.if you liked our article please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more WordPress tutorial and get new can also find us in facebook. join our fanpage.


Than you so much. Leave a comment what you feel about this article 🙂

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