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30 Best Motion Graphics Course On Udemy Best After Effect Courses

30 Best Motion Graphics Course On Udemy Best After Effect Courses
Written by Rafsan Ifran

30 Best Motion Graphics Course On Udemy Best After Effect Courses. Hello Guys welcome to another best online course article about Motion Graphics Course of Udemy. Best Motion Graphics Course  on Udemy. Motion Graphics Course are the best option for you to learn everything about After Effect. If you are Motion Graphics Beginner then this courses will be better for you to learn from udemy courses. You can Also find all type Best Online Courses in our Website. Best Udemy Course you can find here also free courses of Udemy. Get Free Udemy Courses from us.  In our Previous article we discuss about Top 30 Best Python Course of Udemy Best Udemy Course 2019 please check that article it will helpful for you.

Get unlimited access to 3,000+ of Udemy’s top courses you get from this platform. Udemy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting students everywhere to the world’s best instruction anywhere. In our previous article we discuss about 20 Best Social Media Marketing Course of UdemyThese 20 Best Social Media Marketing Course of Udemy will help to learn Social Media Marketing perfectly. Todays Topic 30 Best Motion Graphics Course On Udemy Best After Effect Courses will help you to learn Python perfectly.

30 Best Motion Graphics Course On Udemy After Effect Courses

1. After Effects CC 2019: Complete Course from Novice to Expert

The Most Comprehensive, Bestselling  and Highest Rated After Effects Complete Course with over 430+ Lectures and 30+ hrs of Video. Updated with all CC 2019 upgrades with the latest Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Techniques.

New Sections added periodically to give you the BESTSELLING andHIGHEST RATED COMPLETE Adobe After Effects Course. The Ultimate Learning Experience with Hands On Practice Activities and Their Tutorials to cement and expand your learning.  After Effects CC 2019: The Complete After Effects CC Course from Beginner to Advanced.

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects are becoming increasingly valuable and important in any video created. Learning how to create these animations using Adobe After Effects has become essential. Talents to create these kind of animations and effects are more and more in demand. It is also an easy way to earn money as a freelancer or resell your packaged animations on hundreds of sites on the web.

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2. After Effects – Motion Graphics & Data Visualization

This course is for beginners. You don’t need any previous knowledge in VFX Compositing or any motion graphics experience. We’ll start with the super basics, taking simple icons breathing life into to them with After Effects.

We’ll work through a real life projects, connecting Excel into After Effects to transform your boring spreadsheet data into approachable visual information. We’ll experiment with lighting & cameras. We’ll do some fun things with masking, looking at how important sound is in your presentation, all the way through to exporting for Youtube, Powerpoint and all sorts of social media including animated GIFS.  

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people completely new to After Effects. No previous animation or motion graphic design experienced is necessary.
  • This is a relaxed, well paced introduction that will enable you to produce impressive video for your business or organization. Only basic computing skills are necessary – If you can send emails and surf the internet then you will cope well with our course.

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3. Adobe After Effects CC: The Complete Motion Graphics Course

From the Author of the Best Selling After Effects CC 2019 Complete Course

Adobe After Effects CC: The Complete Motion Graphics Course

Have you tried to learn Motion Graphics in After Effects and ended up with an Adobe After Effects Course that teaches all of Adobe After Effects and little to nothing of useful Motion Graphics Techniques?  

Do you want to use After Effects only to create Motion Graphics? To create these awesome motion graphics videos, you see on the net?  

Learning After Effects does not guarantee you acquiring Motion Graphics Skills. You have to head out again and find many other courses to learn the ins and outs of Graphics, then of Motion, and again more courses on how to put Graphics and Motion Together.  

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4. After Effects CC Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced

Join this Adobe After Effects CC course to have fun while learning quickly!

If you are looking to make your videos better, adding motion graphics and visual effects is the way to do that. After Effects CC is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films. This full course is the best way to jump right in and start making your own videos come to life.

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5. Adobe After Effects CC – Motion Graphics Design & VFX

In this course you’ll learn how to create motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. This motion graphics course is everything you need to start creating beautiful animation & infographics.  

As part of this course you’ll get downloadable exercise files so you can work along exactly with the trainer. You’ll also get completed files with every video so you can download and check your files against the trainers.

Your trainer is an Adobe After Effects Certified Expert and Certified Instructor. Daniel has been creating immersive infographics and motion graphics for more than 12 years.

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6. Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course

Ever wanted to add motion to your video titles and text?

Kinetic typography is everywhere nowadays – in films, commercials, music videos, online courses. This ‘motion typography‘ makes your videos look more professional and engaging. While it seems complicated, creating your own kinetic typography videos in Adobe After Effects is quite simple when broken down into the basic animations that are actually happening.

That’s what this course is all about – breaking down a complicated motion graphics video, and teaching you how to animate each type of text animation.

7. After Effects CC 2019 Motion Graphics & Animation Principles

Welcome to Quick & Easy Motion Graphics & Animation Principles in After Effects CC. I am the author of top rated and bestselling courses in After Effects, Motion Graphics and Video Editing and Courses on Udemy. Together, we will go through a simple and easy course that will equip you with the skills to create amazing motion graphics and apply the all famous animation principles used by professional animators.

I believe in learning by doing, so expect to learn new and important concepts from the very beginning and apply them right away.This hands-on approach will provide you with all the tools you need to create top-quality animations quickly and efficiently. I promise you, by the end of this course you will be creating awesome motion graphics and applying animation principles used by professional animators the Quick & Easy way.

8. Futuristic HUD Motion Graphics in After Effects

After Effects users often times get intimidated by the “Iron Man” style futuristic HUD animations, I’m here to tell you it’s nothing to be afraid of! This motion graphics effect is something anyone can do with very little After Effects experience!

So join me in this course to dissect an animation that looks super complicated and making it super simple!

In this class we will learn and experiment with:

  • Turning boring shape layers into something visually interesting
  • Virtual camera animations
  • After Effects expressions to save you hours of animating time.

This is an introductory course and I will be explaining everything step by step. However you may need to have some After Effects knowledge to understand basic functionality and layout of the software.

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9. After Effects : Motion Graphics Masterclass For Beginners!

If you are an absolute beginner who enjoys learning by doing and wants to start learning Adobe After Effects with a project-based approach then join this course to have fun while creating your own motion graphics projects!

In this course you will learn how to use the extremely powerful Adobe  After Effects to create some awesome motion graphics video projects from A-Z like the  ones in the promo video.

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10. Adobe After Effects CC : Logo Animation with Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effects CC : Logo Animation with Motion Graphics Course

Get up to speed on the techniques and pipelines used to create stunning logo animations for your videos or projects!

This online course will teach you how to use Adobe After Effects CC to create a PRACTICAL REAL WORLD project for your next client!

  • Do you want to learn special effects and expressions, but don’t know where to begin?
  • Have you spent time and energy Googling After Effects tutorials online, only to find out that it never covers exactly what you need?
  • Do your renders look plain and boring, and you want to know how to take your productions to the next level?

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11. After Effects CC: Create Cool Lower Thirds & Motion Graphics

Join the 11,500+ happy students in one of the bestselling After Effects course on Udemy!

With almost 3 hours of training and practical steps you can follow – this is the most comprehensive Adobe After Effects course available. We’ll cover After Effects Fundamentals, After Effects Interface, Keyframe Animations, Time Remapping, Text Animators, Keyframe Interpolations, Text Layers, Solids, Shapes, Text Animators and much much more!

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12. After Effects : Master Shape Layers Motion Graphics Basics

Shape Layers were introduced in Adobe After Effects CS3 & are a great additional tool to be able to create things like additional assets, animating items, backgrounds, buttons, all kinds of different bits and pieces & they are very easy to animate & you can do some very powerful things with them.

In this course, you will master all shape layers animation essentials needed for making powerful video intros , transitions & more!

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13. After Effects : Create Motion Graphics & Advertising Videos

Learn how to create amazing motion graphics & advertising videos with After Effects.

Do you want to create high quality motion videos and want to build a business? Then this course is for you. This course is specially designed to teach you that how we can use After Effects to create awesome motion graphics.

So, we have designed this course in such way that you will get mastery over creating motion videos. We have not just covered tools, but also taught many tips & tricks. Because when we work on real project, knowing tools or effects are not just sufficient, you must know how to handle different problems. So, we have adopted project based learning approach. In each section we have included a project that will tell you how we create real motion graphics. We will be covering these projects during our course:

  • We’ll create simple photo gallery animation.
  • We’ll learn how to create a web login animation.
  • We’ll learn how to create shape morphing animation & how to build transitions.
  • We’ll create a small key unlocking animation to understand the power of  trimming paths.
  • We’ll create custom backgrounds using just one layer using power of repeater.
  • We’ll learn how to move control motion of any object to get a realistic animation.
  • We’ll learn how to create real shape morphing animation.
  • We’ll use the power of 3D & will create a real 3D cube.
  • We’ll create a complex 3D animation.
  • We’ll learn how build an actual 3D globe.

15. Motion Graphics Design & Flat Animation in After Effects CC

In this course, you can immediately DOWNLOAD all project files (After Effects and Illustrator scene files), Reference Image (Washing Machine photo), and the Magic Bounce Script. So you can learn by doing and you’ll follow along and work on your own project while learning. In this course we’ll create our 2d flat animation buildup and as you know this is a popular style of animation you can see in television, movies, video presentations, commercials, … and after effects motion graphics..

In “Motion Graphics Design & Flat Animation Buildup in After Effects & Adobe Illustrator” course you will learn how to create awesome and amazing 2d flat animation and create stunning Motion Graphics in After Effectsin less than 1.5 hours from scratch! 

In this course you will learn Motion Graphics in After Effects STEP-BY-STEP,  so even if you’ve never opened After Effects or illustrator before you can follow me up and you will see how easy is it to use these programs to create 2d flat graphic designs and create awesome Motion Graphics in After Effects quickly.

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16. Create a professional logo motion using Motion v.2 Script

Motion v2 includes 20 powerful new tools that puts a punch in your keyframes. The new UI is smaller and the code is even faster. The goal of Motion v2 was to create an animation wingman to help bring your projects to life.

Hours of animation get wasted repeating tasks, retiming keyframes and jumping between windows. Motion 2 gives you 20+ new tools that automate repetitive tasks and enhance your animation. Creating dynamic Motion has never been easier.

Additionally, the update introduces the Color Rig, Vignette, Sort and Pin+ tools. Easily accessible in the updated interface when you need them.

17. Adobe After Effects: Futuristic Motion Graphics & Animation

In this awesome beginner and intermediate-level course we’ll cover a wide variety of techniques for creating and animating some really cool, futuristic graphics inside of After Effects. Master the tools you need to conquer any project in just 1.5 hours.

You’ll learn how to:

     *create and design your graphics using only After Effects’ built-in tools

     *animate your graphics using basic keyframes and simple expressions

     *achieve a clean green screen color key

     *motion track live-action footage

     *composite your animated graphics over top for a final look.

18. Kinetic Typography in After Effects: Motion Graphics Course

Start Creating Your Own Professional Kinetic Typography

This course teaches you all the basics to get started and the advanced effects to make your videos stand out! 

Whether you’re making your own kinetic typography project or you simply want to make a sweet title/intro graphic for your video, this is the course for you.


Each lesson is an easy-to-follow tutorial that walks through my step-by-step process using Adobe After Effects.

You’ll learn in this course:

  • How to start a kinetic typography project
  • Adding text and choosing fonts
  • Animating your text in a variety of ways
  • Adding backgrounds and texture
  • Exporting an HD video for sharing
  • much much more!

19. After Effects CC : Futuristic HUD Motion Graphics Elements

If you are a beginner who has a strong understanding of After Effects basics, enjoys learning by doing  and wants to learn how to design animated Futuristic HUD Elements like what you see in Iron Man or Star Wars using Adobe After Effects  but don’t know how then join this course to have fun while creating your own Animated Futuristic HUD projects!

In this course you will learn how to use the extremely powerful Adobe  After Effects  to create animated Futuristic HUD Motion Graphics Elements like the  ones in the promo video

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20.After Effects Logo Animation – after effects motion graphics

In this After Effects course you will learn from start to finish how to design professional looking logo intros and title openers, as well as templates which you can use for your videos, courses and online presence. After effects is a wonderful tool which will surely be an advantage for you to know in your future career, wether as an independed online entrepreneur or creative working in any industry. Logo intros are in high demand, just imagine how many youtube channels are create every HOUR? And only a few utilize proper branding, which means an infinite influx of clients and places where we can offer our logo animation services.

21. After Effects – Motion Graphics Title Sequence for beginners

Motion graphics is part of my everyday working life and in this After Effects tutorial I will be sharing some of the techniques I use on a regular basis.

You will learn how to create a dark and rainy motion graphics title sequence using After Effects and a little bit of Photoshop.

The easy going, step-by-step, walk through pace of this After Effects tutorial is ideal for advanced beginners who have already completed a few motion graphics courses and now have basic After Effects knowledge and skills.

22. After Effects :Create Cool Motion Graphics in Adobe AE

This is a comprehensive course on creating Kinetic Typography and Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects. At the end of this course, you will be able to create mind-blowing motion graphics and text animations using the software. Every minor skill that you should master to achieve this level of expertise, is taught through this course. It is economical and concise, and much better than other overpriced alternatives found online.

It is not a hobby course like random videos on YouTube. You will learn how to create professional looking work and in fact earn a living doing this alone. We will discuss online avenues through which you can monetize your newly developed skill. Through the course, we will create 3 different animated videos, to cover the beginner, intermediate and expert stages of the course. You will be proud to have mastered such an amazing skill in such a short time. Do not hesitate. Just go for it. Take charge of your own future.

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23. First look at Adobe After Effects CC – Motion Graphics 101

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! 

I know Adobe After Effects can seem intimidating at first, but in this course I am going to show you exactly where to begin and how to use this software in a step by step manner.

That’s why I created this course – to teach people just like you how to easily get started with After Effects.

This course has been specifically designed with you in mind and I have developed a system to allow you to learn just what you need to know, only when you need it. 

Follow along and practice while learning!

The best part about a course like this is that you won’t waste time learning tools and functions inside of After Effects that you will never use.

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24. After Effects: The Complete Beginner Course (All Versions)

Learn How to Use Adobe after Effects to Create Professional Motion Graphics, Animations & Visual Effects – without getting bored out of your mind!

  • Complete Beginner Course for ANY version of Adobe After Effects (you can even use the FREE trial)
  • Learn to create your own motion graphics, animations, titles and VFX for your video projects
  • Gain a solid understanding of all of the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects
  • Gain the confidence to follow along with any of the many exciting online tutorials that you may find
  • Guaranteed to be both fun AND educational!

In this Complete Beginner Course I want to share my passion for Adobe After Effects with you and teach you everything you need to know to get started using this powerful piece of software.

This course covers all of the basics of Adobe After Effects from how the interface works all the way to creating your own Morph VFX.
By the end you will feel comfortable creating your own Motion Graphics & Visual Effects, ready for intermediate training material.
After the course, you should be confident and able to follow along with all the exciting online tutorials that you may find!

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25. Motion Graphic Workshop : Full Project

This motion graphic workshop Is a full workshop that teaches you motion graphics from the beginning to the end. we will start from scratch and teach you how to create and draw your design using the Adobe Illustrator software in a step by step manner and how to organize your project and add it to the After Effects software to animate it in an easy and simple way while explaining some of the animating basics to use them to create your own designs.

The course is for beginners in the motion graphics as we will offer practical training to explain all the techniques, tools and all you need to know about motion graphics.

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26. After Effects CC 2019 : Motion Graphics in just 1 hour, Easy

This course is for beginners. You don’t need any previous knowledge in  motion graphics. We’ll start with the super basics of After Effects.  At the end of course you will be able to do any animation with shapes. Anything that you imagine. I will show you all tecnics of animation, even keyframe speed graphs.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners, and also who using After Effects, but new on motion graphics. No previous animation or motion graphic design experienced is necessary.
  • This course also will help the peoples, who want to make passive income using After Effects.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in motion graphics who want to learn principals of motion graphics
  • who already work on after effects, but not works with motion graphics(or know less about it)
  • who want to start earn on passive income using After Effects

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27. After Effects: Simple Character Animation & Motion Graphics

Hey let me show you that character animation in After Effects doesn’t have to be hard and complex.

This is the most fun and simple course on Character Animation in the whole internet 🙂

Come and see for yourself!

You will learn how to import characters previously created in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to After Effects.
From then you will learn how to rig the characters so it can move, blink, walk and be ready for animation.
You than will know how to create a smooth walking character ready for professional production.

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28. Learn 3D – Create Isometric Motion Graphics in Cinema 4D

In this Course you will learn, how you can create 3D Motion Graphics in Cinema 4D from Scratch!

With Cinema 4D you can also create for example your complete own Architectural Design, Motiongraphics or also complete 3D Movies and that all in a very short time. At the End of this Course you will have all the Basic Knowledge you need to create your own first fantastic 3d Motion Graphics Scenes!

Who is this class for?

People who are interested in 3D and also all who want to improve their technical skills in a professional 3D Application but also for all beginners People who want to make money by learning new skills

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29. Adobe After Effects: Flat Animation Buildup

You want to learn how to make fun, hip, and stylish motion graphics in After Effects, right?

This is the third part in my 3-part Dive Into After Effects series. Check out parts 1 & 2 if you haven’t already done so. I created this series to make learning how to use After Effects as easy as possible.

You learn by doing.

In the Dive Into After Effects series, you’ll follow along and work on your own project while learning. In this course, we’ll create our own flat animation buildup – a popular style of animations you see in commercials, television shows, and movies today.

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30. Adobe After Effects: Liquid Text Animation in After Effects

This course will teach you how to create animated motion graphic elements on any logo, object or vector item! Master Adobe After Effects while having fun.Watch the above promo video for detailed explanation and a preview of what’s inside and what animation you are going to prepare!.

Learn on-trend After Effects motion graphic animation!

In this class I want to show you a quick and effective workflow allowing you to make an amazing looking liquidy-displaced text animation with After Effects CC. You could compare it to a paint bucket which would be spilled over text with random colors and made it complete. This animation can be great for any kind of youtube video, text animation, logo intro and more! During the class you will learn essential After Effects techniques as well as advanced tricks on how to top-up and make any animation a little more interesting. You will work with Track Mattes, Outlining, Shape Layers, the Pen Tool, Effects, Keyframes…so it’s action-packed material!

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Thank you so much for staying with us. These are my 30 Best Motion Graphics Course On Udemy Best After Effect Courses. If you know any other ways online free courses let me know in the comment section. I’ll add it to the list and credit you by putting your name under it. If this Article useful to you then just Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and also Connect with us in our Facebook Page  Thank you.

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