Top 8 On Page SEO Techniques to Rank on Google

Top 8 On Page SEO Techniques to Rank on Google

Top 8 On Page SEO Techniques to Rank on Google. Hello guys welcome  to another fresh article today I will describe about 8 on page Seo Technic you should implement to rank on google. We know better now that ranking on google is not an easy because that competition level is too high in 2019. I have already created an article about how to get more traffic to your website. Please check the article if you get any useful info from there I will be great full to you. 

We know now google wants to see 4 major things in any website or any blog post these 4 major things is too important to know if you are trying to get rank your website. Those major things are

  1. On page Seo
  2. Off Page Seo
  3. User Experience 
  4. Mobile usability 

I have already created an Article about Seo Search Engine Optimization. Please read that article if you want to know more about search engine Optimization. 

So let’s get started with 10 on page Seo Technic to rank on Google

1.Use keyword in Title

Most important things if you are trying to write a post then you have to to do keyword research properly if you are trying to do a post on a particular keyword. Which keyword you choose you make sure that keyword is in your title. This is the best way you can rank your post fast than you know. Always try to choose a long tail keyword for your post so that it will make you easy to rank on google. 

2. Always Use short Permalink Url

This is most important that what ever your post are make sure that the URL of the post is short. This is the basic Seo technic you should implement to rank fast. Suppose you write a post about best Seo tips 2019 so your your title will be “Best Seo tips to boost your rank of 2019″ So don, t use that full title in your permalink URL. Just use like “” this looks good as perfect Seo post. In a research it found that short type of post URL rank more faster that long one. 

That’s doesn’t mean now you will go and change all your post URL, I didnt think so which post your already rank on that is already ranked so you don’t need to change them just do your next post with this method it will be better for you. 

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3. Use long term keyword

Always try to do use long term keyword for your blog post. Long term keyword always used to best option for you if you want to rank fast on Google. Because short term keyword user are more than we know so we have to go with long term keyword coz all of the big bloggers go with the short keywords and if you are a beginners then you have to go with long term keywords so it will help you to rank fast in Google
There are many more keyword tools but I suggest you some of the popular of them paid and free

  1. Ahref:  I suggest you to get Ahref tool for your all keyword research because its popular and it very useful if you are a beginner but its not free its a paid tool. You have to pay monthly to use this plan. But as a beginner you can, t afford to buy it. So you can used free tools for your research. 
  2. Semrush : Semrush is one of the best Seo tools and keyword research tool its gives you 7 days trial version. It also a paid version. But it will help you to get full report of your site info and your competitors site how they ranking and which post there are ranking for. You can know which keyword is mostly monthly searches and which keyword will be better for you to rank fast. 
  3. Ubbersuggest: Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tool and its free to use. Its best Seo too by Neil Pastel. You can check any keyword or any website domain name you can check there top keyword and top pages which keyword they are ranking for,  which post there are ranking ranking in Google.  All of the details you can get from this free tool. I personally use this tools to keyword research to analysis my any website research how they ranking, which page they are ranking for what are there top keywords. 
  4. Google Keyword Planner : Google keyword planner one of best keyword planner of Google you can research any type of keyword and there monthly check, CPC keyword rate you can check any type keyword in this free tool. I suggest you if you have a blog you can use Google Keyword planner or Ubersuggest for your research these are free tools for you to use. 

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4. Use External link of High Authority Website

Always try to use high Authority website link in your blog post. Linking to another website it will help you to get rank fast in Google. In a research it found that high Authority linking blog post are more ranking than no linking site post. Suppose you have a post and add a line like hubspot is one of the blogging site just link the hubspot try o hubspot site link. And there are many more high Authority website like Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, blogspot, twitter, pinterest and much more. Always try to linking to another website to your post it will always help to rank fast. 

5. Highlight your keywords 

When you write a blog and you have to write a long content post so always try to highlight all the keywords in your post always bold the the words which seems to as keyword to you its another way to get rank your post fast. Google crawler always try to find a appropriate keyword in your post. Its more helpful to get more ranking to your blog post. Nowadays competition level is more higher so you have to find all possibilities way to get rank in Google. 

6. Use title in Image Alt Space

When you write a blog post and whatever your title are use the same title in all images rename and use the titles in the image Alt space. Its another trick to rank on Google. Never use Google pictures or copyright pictures in your post always try to add new copyright free images in your blog post. There are few best free images sites like and much more just search Google free royalty images free. Always try to use titles and keywords in your images and Alt in you images of blog post. 

7. Use Internal links on the post you want to Rank 

Always use internal links on the Post of same website. Try to to use your previous post links into your recent writing post it will help you to get rank on your all links. Using links on particular post that will help you to rank your recent post post and also using links. It s been a research that using internal links on same website is another way to get rank fast of your website. 

8. Creating Deep of Content

We always hear that content is the king if you want to rank then you have to write a long content to get rank but its not true so how long content you have write 800,1000,or 2-3000. On a research it found that it doesn’t  matter how long content you are writing you have focus on Coverage. Suppose you are writing a post about how to Seo your blog post then its not just write about on page seo on your post or write a long content you have yo put every possible detain on how to Seo your blog post with cover everything that need audience to read. Coverage is so much important that you cover everything in details that is so much important. 


In the end just try to say always try to use some of best Seo tool like Ahref and Semrush these are the best Seo tool you need to get rank fast I. Google because the competition is high and there are more than 20,000 websites creating everyday so if you really wondering to get rank you have to Seo your blog post properly and you have to work on hard on your content. 

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These are my best 8 On Page SEO Techniques to Rank on Google. Thank you so much for staying with us. If you follow these instruction you able to know everything about how to properly write a seo friendly article. If you know any other ways to know seo let me know in the comment section. I’ll add it to the list and credit you by putting your name under it. If this Article useful to you then just Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and also Connect with us in our Facebook Page  Thank you.

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