The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019. In this Article try to make the audience understand how Facebook can be used as a digital marketing tool. It also explains how Facebook provides insight into its users’ interests, likes, dislikes, personal life and buying behavior. In addition, it also provides a large database of information that can be tapped into by your business or organization to generate high quality leads, sales enquiries and traffic to your website.

Utilizing Facebook for your digital marketing strategy is without doubt one of the best ways to connect and grow a social following online. Being one of the largest social media platforms, it provides insight into its users’ interests, likes, dislikes, personal life and buying behavior. This large database of information can be tapped into by your business or organization to generate high quality leads, sales enquiries and traffic to your website.

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Varies Types of Facebook Pages

Facebook pages assist businesses, brands and organizations in sharing information and reaching out to people. Users like the pages that they are interested in. With this, they can stay in touch and get updates about different activities. There are a number of different pages you can create depending on what sort of organization you are starting. Following is a list of the types of Facebook pages that you can create:

1. Local business or place

2. Company, organization or institution

3. Brand or product

4. Artist, band or public figure

5. Entertainment

6. Cause or community

Facebook marketing is completely scalable as you create campaigns that are realistic and relevant to your brand. All of this is completely measurable by utilizing Facebook analytics, giving you the ability to test, evaluate and adjust the strategy that you are currently implementing.

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Facebook – Profile Page Setup

Choosing which page suits your venture The first step to ‘create a page’ on Facebook requires you to select the page category. While all of the pages have the same look and feel, they have different information and features that you can highlight and promote.

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

Once you have decided what type of page you would like to create, you need to add in the basic details and sub-categories to get the page up and running. For each page type, different information is required. The following is a snapshot of what information you put in to begin the creation wizard. You can change the page whenever and as many times as you would like after the setup. The only thing to keep note of is that if you change from a business or local place you will lose your reviews, maps and check-ins.

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

The image above is what the information fields look like when you click on one of the categories in ‘create a page’.

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Adding page details

The Facebook wizard will guide you through the process quite easily when you are creating your page. If you have decided that your page is a Local Business or Place, you can add tags that help improve the ranking of your page (which will increase visibility when people are searching interests related to your business). You can also add a detailed description, website link and a custom Facebook web URL. You will also be required to confirm that you are the authorized representative to create a facebook page for the business. Once you have finished this step, you will then be asked to add a profile picture, add the page to your favorites and have the option to claim any duplicate pages relating to your business.

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

Once you have completed the Setup Wizard, you will be directed to your new page. It will look empty except for the information you put in during the setup.

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Facebook – Page Navigation

After completing the initial setup, you will be redirected to your new Facebook page. Apart from the information you provided in the setup process, it will look rather empty. In this chapter, we will show you how to navigate through different areas of the page so that you are comfortable with modifying and utilizing the functionalities. In the ‘About’ tab, you can ensure that all your business details have been entered correctly.

The areas you can update/modify include:

 Address

 Contact details

 Website URL

 Operating Hours

 Price Range

You can also include a brief description about your business.

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

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Adding a display picture and acover photo

To add a display picture and a cover photo, you will need to click on the camera icon located within the designated areas (see picture below). In general, the display picture should represent your business with either a logo or icon that people will familiarize with your brand. The cover photo is a great way to show off what makes your brand shine by giving your users a graphical image that promotes your service. Depending on the culture and values of your organization this can be professional, creative, informative or a mix, there are no set rules, it will depend on how you want to market yourself.

Display picture size: 180px x 180px Cover photo size: 851px x 315px

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

Create a‘call-to-action’button

Creating a call-to-action button on your page enables your audience to straight away be taken to a desired location. This is a great way to start generating leads, get traffic, bookings, subscriptions and much more. You will be able to choose what type of button you would like to have displayed and where it will take someone if they click on it. You can create call-to-action buttons for desktop, iPhone and Android.

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The settings tab gives you the access to monitor and perform adjustments on your page. In the general page, you can choose whether your page is public or private. In the initial phase of setting up your page, you may wish to change the status of the page to private until you are ready for people to start finding/seeing what you are up too.

Here you can also set who can post on your wall, you can choose to either just let the admin post or let your fans and people who find your page, post and comment on your wall. You can also set who can tag photos, message you privately, restrict age to see the page and which countries it will be available for. You can also merge duplicate pages you have or delete the page entirely.

The Ultimate Guide of Facebook Marketing 2019

Other notable areas in the settings are:

Page roles – Choose to add new people in to your page as either an admin, editor, moderator, adviser or analyst.

Messaging – Show your average response time in getting back to private messages. You can also let people know that you will be either just as or less responsive outside of business hours.

Preferred page audience – Change who finds your page by optimizing the age criteria, location, gender and users’ interests.

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Facebook – Ad Options

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the types of ads you want to produce for your Facebook page. This will depend on what you are offering for the campaign and the type of audience you want to promote. Over the last couple of years, Facebook has spent a great deal of time and effort to adjust the types of ads it offers to really be tailored to suit the needs of business owners and users. The first question you want to ask yourself is what is the objective of the advertisement that you are going to post. Different types of ads serve the following purpose:

Generate traffic to your website.

Boost likes and engagement for your page.

Install and promote your mobile and desktop applications

Direct people to your business, ecommerce platform or event.

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Get traffic to your website

Following are some of the ways to generate traffic to your website.

Send people to your website

This option is utilized to set the destination when someone clicks on the advert to a custom URL of your choice. This ad simply displays a title, short description, and the URL of the link you wish to display. This option is best if you want to direct someone to your homepage, online store, contact page or any other page on your website that you want people to see.

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Increase conversion on your website

If you choose to implement and increase conversion on your website campaign you will be given a short code. This code is added to the page that you wish to track conversion on. For example, if you want to track how many people subscribe to a newsletter on your page, you should add this to your newsletter confirmation page. You can then optimize the ad to reach out to people in your audience that you would like to convert.

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Boost likes and engagement for your page

Boosting your post will create an ad from a post that you have already created on your page. This is best used when you want to get a wider audience to see what you have posted. The goal for a post boost is to increase the number of people viewing, liking, commenting and sharing the content that you have published.

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