Top 10 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research in 2020

Top 10 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research in 2020

Top 10 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research in 2020. Hello, guys welcome to another fresh article today we are gonna talk about Top 10 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research in 2020. Yo know Nowadays traffic estimator tools are very essential to rank your website and also in the digital marketing toolkit.

Traffic estimator tools became an important part of the digital marketing toolkit. they permit you to benchmark your traffic and marketing strategy against competitors, also as see what you’ll aim for when looking to plug leaders.

As competitor research is that the larger context here, most of the tools we’ll check out are at bottom competitor research tools, but our focus is going to be on their traffic estimator and reporting functionality.

Keywords also play their part during this domain, and that we will touch on the keyword search volumes or ‘popular keywords’, as these bring traffic and potential strategy together.

Top 10 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research in 2020

1. Ahrefs

Ahref is one of the best Traffic Estimator Tool in the internet in 2020. Ahrefs are one among the foremost trusted names within the industry, and their SEO suite emphasizes competitor research.

Of particular interest is their Site Explorer tool. This tool goes far beyond estimating traffic. Firstly, it’s three main components: Organic Traffic Research, Backlink Checker, and Paid Traffic Research.

The Organic Traffic screen shows a graph of estimated traffic for the chosen domain, alongside an accompanying graph for organic keywords. you’ll breakdown the info to look at different date ranges, and by traffic from different countries. the proper sidebar also shows the highest ten competitors to the chosen domain, with the choice to click and consider data of every of these.

Ahrefs data credentials are big too. They boast the second-most site crawler online (behind Google) and a huge 256TB RAM on their 2.5k servers.

This level of simple access to look data makes Ahrefs a top choice among traffic estimator tools.

Other tools within the suite include Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Content Research, Rank Tracking, and Web Monitoring.

Ahrefs’ clients include Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, Shopify, and Tripadvisor, to call a couple of.

Pricing starts at $7 for a 7-day trial. Monthly billing starts at $99 for the Lite plan and increments to $179 for his or her hottest ‘Standard Plan’, $399 for the advanced plan, and $999 for his or her Agency Plan. Users also can choose Annual billing which incorporates a two-month saving compared to at least one year’s use of the service, on a monthly plan.

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2. SEMrush

Semrush is the 2nd one of the best Traffic Estimator Tool after ahref. SEMrush offers a beat one Marketing toolkit for SEO professionals, and that they are at the highest of the industry, boasting clients like eBay, HP, and

You can check-in for free of charge use of SEMrush’s toolkit, which can offer you access to most of the most features, with limited use. for instance, the Competitive Research section is where you’re ready to estimate the traffic of other websites, and therefore the service allows you are doing up to 10 searches per day before it alerts you to check-in for a free trial of the paid plan.

Competitive Research offers as detailed an image of competitors’ traffic. The breakdown includes: organic traffic, paid traffic, desktop and mobile, keywords for both organic and paid, also because of the capacity to various dates.

Monthly plans start at $99.95 for the professional account and go up to $400 and beyond with their Enterprise account. you’ll also save on the value of every monthly account by committing to an annual plan.

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3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb gives you global multi-device market intelligence to understand, track and grow your digital market share. It is one of the best Traffic Estimator Tool . SimilarWeb is a solid alternative to Ahrefs. While the number of tools and features SimlarWeb offered is fewer than Ahrefs, you can start using them for free.

On their Products page, SimilarWeb breakdown their suite into three sections: Website Analysis, Industry Analysis, and App Analysis.

In terms of narrowing the focus down to traffic estimating, let’s start with Website Analysis. This tool offers breakdown metrics of a domain’s traffic that include: total visits, desktop and mobile, average monthly visits, average visit duration, pages per visit, bounce rate and more.

Such a detailed picture of competitor traffic gives webmasters plenty of variables with which to compare and strategize. Speaking of strategy, the Website Analysis tool also features and Audience Interests section which details audience behavior. The intention behind this section appears to be finding new audiences.

The Industry Analysis tool estimates traffic across industries. Here users are able to: see visitor metrics by industry, see traffic volume by industry, see what organic and pay per click keywords drive each industry, see industry leaders, see which businesses lead each industry in terms of traffic, and much more.

Clients include DHL, eBay, Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb to name a few.

As noted, you can start using SimilarWeb for free. This doesn’t include all of the features listed above, but the free plan does provide access to a limited range of useful tools, and at the time of writing, doesn’t have a time limit.

To access an Enterprise custom plan, which SimilarWeb says will be modular and dependent on each client’s needs, you need to contact them directly.

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4. Alexa

Alexa may be a marketing software stack from Amazon. You’ll find all the tools you need to improve your SEO and PPC strategy, prove your success,
and discover new ideas for growing your traffic. Alexa’s free tool shows ranking, instead of traffic, which you’ll still use to match competitors. To estimate traffic with Alexa, you’ll get a 7 day free trial of the web site Analysis Tools ‘Insight’ plan, which costs $79 per month after the trial expires. As on the internet, Alexa is one of the best Traffic Estimator Tool in 2020.

Alexa’s Marketing Stack offers a 14 day free trial of the Advanced plan, which costs $149 per month to be used with one user, and a 30 day free trial for the Agency plan which costs $299 per month, to be used with 20 users and up to 35 sites.

Alexa marketing software is trusted by brands like Wildfang, Umbra, Tillys, Apartment Therapy and Houzz.

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5. Quantcast

More specifically, their products utilize the facility of machine learning to analyze the online, to supply data to clients.

Behind the scenes of Quantcast’s products, is an AI program called Q. Quantcast says that Q is the largest online audience behavior platform. Q’s machine learning capability allows it to interpret user data and supply webmasters with data that’s just like the “real-time pulse of the internet”.

The products on offer fall under two main categories. Audience measurement for publishers and site owners, and an entire toolkit for marketers, agency partners, and consultancies. you’ll make a sales inquiry via the web site to debate product pricing.

In terms of freebies, you’ll check-in for limited use of Quantcast’s ‘Measure’ dashboard. The Quantcast Intelligence Cloud’s 1st party behavior graph, targeting, and measurement solutions are designed to help you understand, influence, convert and measure the consumer journey to discover new customers, drive incremental growth and deliver business outcomes.

We entered the domains of two big brands into the Measure dashboard for traffic estimates, and therefore the estimates were more or less in line with what SEMrush report. The measure dashboard is additionally among the foremost user-friendly SEO dashboards we’ve seen.

There is also the choice to trace your own website’s data, which you’ll treat adding a Quantcast tag to your site’s HTML head section.

A whole host of massive brands are now on Board with Quantcast, including McDonald’s, T-Mobile, Citibank, Microsoft, NBC, Toyota, Vice, and Whole Foods.

6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner has long been wont to research keywords for program optimization. Typically webmasters who have an Adwords account to manage pay per click Google ads, even have access to keyword search volumes. However, here lies a well-liked misconception, you don’t get to buy ads to see keyword search volumes. This is so far one of the best Traffic Estimator Tool by google itself.

When you log in to the Keyword Planner, you get two choices, the second of which we are getting to check out in additional detail:

“Find keywords: Get keyword ideas that will assist you to reach people curious about your product or service.

Get search volume and forecasts: See search volume and other historical metrics for your keywords, also as forecasts for a way they could perform within the future.”

Navigating through to the present particular tool are often tricky, (which is why relatively few people realize it is often used for free) so allow us to run through that process briefly.

Firstly, make sure you have a Gmail account, and go here and click on “Sign In”.

At now, you (if you’ve used Google Analytics or Keywords before) may even see a paid ad found out process. If this happens, sign back out and make sure that you employ Google Chrome in Incognito mode.

Now, once you are check-in, you ought to be ready to “Skip the guided setup”.

You should now get on the All campaigns Overview page. attend tools, keyword planner, then Get search volume and forecasts.

Here you’ll enter relevant keywords and domains, and Google will return keyword ideas. Keyword ideas are often sorted consistent with a variety of metrics that can assist you to work out which keywords to use. Metrics include Average monthly searches, Competition, Ad impression share, Top of page bid (low range), Top of page bid (high range), Account Status.

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7. Traffic Estimate

Traffic Estimate may be a simple website based around an inquiry which, yes, you guessed it, estimates website traffic.

Another best Traffic Estimator Tool The site is entirely liberal to use, and it doesn’t require users to check-in.

After searching your selected domain, the location will return an easy line graph which maps an estimate of the past 12 – 18 months of unique visits.

When comparing the info returned by Traffic Estimate to equivalent data from SEMrush and Ahrefs, we did notice a touch more variance than we saw between premium tools.

With that said, for any given website which Traffic Estimate returns data for, it also shows keywords the location targets, websites competing for similar keywords, SERP, whois and hosting information.

Finally, the tools menu tab will take you to an inventory of other free SEO related tools.

8. Website IQ

Website IQ may be a new and straightforward to use website traffic estimator and analytics tool. Website IQ another best Traffic Estimator Tools. Finding location makes it easy to urge traffic charts for sites big and little with desktop traffic going back to 2011. It offers monthly, weekly and daily charts for many major sites, plus year-over-year growth charts, organic search keywords, and an inventory of internet sites competing for those keywords.

It’s simple to feature other domains to any traffic chart for a fast side-by-side comparison. And for websites you would like to trace regularly, like your competition, it’s even as easy to feature them to a custom tracking chart with up to twenty different websites.

The Website IQ service is free for up to 12-month traffic charts, except for longer charts and extra data, they need inexpensive Pro and Business plans. the main established players within the traffic estimate space cost far more and have additional features.

09. VisitorsDetective


VisitorsDetective is another very fashionable Traffic Estimator Tools for estimating the web site traffic of any site across the world . The VisitorsDetective allows you to see the web site traffic of any site for free of charge .

Moreover, VisitorsDetective makes it very easy to see website traffic details of any website. you merely need to launch VisitorsDetective and key within the desired website URL that you would like to urge website traffic details.

VisitorsDetective shows you the traffic levels of the location. It furnishes traffic insights within the easiest method . VisitorsDetective shows daily visitors count. It shows traffic breakup by country. It offers statistics about the web site alongside incoming links and social networks.

The best thing about VisitorsDetective is that the incontrovertible fact that it delivers precise and accurate website traffic information which too for free of charge.

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10. SE Ranking

Real-time positions of your website’s keywords in major search engines. Track your rankings on a country/region/city level as frequently as you want.

Finding out everything about your traffic couldn’t be simpler with SE Ranking. All you’ve got to try to do is enter the domain you would like to understand the traffic details of, choose the country and therefore the program.

Organic Traffic Overview shows the distribution of traffic around the world, including dynamics and forecasts. an important tool within the Competitor Research module is Paid Traffic Research. With the info provided by this tool, you’ll analyze traffic at the keyword level, see ads and study the budgets of your competitors.

By choosing SE Ranking, you get an all-in-one SEO platform that’s suitable for pros and beginners alike. Their toolkit includes Competitor SEO/PPC research, Keyword Rank Tracker, Website Audit, Backlink Checker and Monitor, and far more.

Thank you so much for staying with us. These are my Top 10 Website Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research in 2020.  If you know any other ways about Traffic Estimator Tools let me know in the comment section. I’ll add it to the list and credit you by putting your name under it. If this Article useful to you then just Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and also Connect with us in our Facebook Page  Thank you.

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